A rural revival and resettlement movement addressed to startups, digital nomads, makers and career-shifters mixing modern and traditional worlds such as entrepreneurship, workation, rural co-working, permaculture, co-living, crowdfunding and healthy living. 

An innovative formula to help return life and economic activity to rural areas turning them into knowledge HUBS, business & entrepreneurship incubators, vibrant communities and innovation epicentres.

A movement to reclaim the good life and go back to our roots


Here and now, the time has come to return to our villages

¿What we do?

Startup Acceleration Experiences in rural areas

Boosting your business, top level mentors, short and really intense experiences, mind blowing villages in Spain and Asia

Our last startup acceleration in Bali was the X-Cultural Startup Acceleration (June '16). Business growth workshops, connection with the nomad startup scene in Bali, staying in bamboo houses, rural immersion with Balinese smart businesses, meditation, yoga and much more. Stay tuned, more coming soon...

Nomad road trips to rural villages

Touring "nomad-friendly" villages in Spain with nomad startups

 A Rural Coliving Safari is a discovery trip through "nomad-friendly villages". We have scouted and curated villages where there is all what you need for coliving and coworking while enjoying good life in nature. The Autumn Safari is here. For 5 weeks stopping in 10 Spanish villages, ecovillages, rural coliving and coworking spaces in the East Coast and Southern Spain

¿Who are you?

PANDORAHUB is designed to respond to the needs of diverse people who share the same objective: to live well and work better off the grid. PANDORAHUB is for you.

stratups y emprendedores

Startup founder

You have started a business or want to turn your passion into a business. You need a push in the right direction to develop your business idea in a stimulating environment, surrounded by experts and entrepreneurs alike

nómada digital

Digital nomad and co-workers

You are a location independent professional and basically work with your computer wherever you want. You often need inspiration, peace and focus. You want to surround yourself with ideas and to collaborate with interesting people



You have lost interest in your work, and the routine of the city bores you. You want to try something new, to discover a more realistic, genuine lifestyle. You are waiting for the chance to reinvent yourself - not only as a person - but also as a professional

familias modernas

Modern family

Do you want your children to grow up in a natural environment, away from the noise and the pollution of the city. To pick up healthy habits, and receive an education based on your children’s strengths rather than their weaknesses

Does it ring a bell? 

Enterprising individuals with the desire and talent of elite professionals who need a change. Digital nomads, lovers of the good life or young families who want to live better. If this is you, the time has come to get hold of the lifestyle you have always dreamed of.

How it works?

Búsqueda de pueblos abandonados

1. Location

We are constantly locating villages that are looking for inhabitants, abandoned or semi-abandoned, that want to join the initiative



3. Revival

We turn our villages into entrepreneurial hubs, providing them with business and personal transformation programs, sourcing innovation and knowledge-sharing to revitalise both the local and global economy


2. Restoration

We will crowdfund the villages restoration applying permaculture, bio construction, self-sufficiency, sustainability, organic farming principles



4. Resettlement

We are looking for new inhabitants, temporary visitors or tourists seeking an authentic experience

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