What we do?

we accelerate growth stage startups in rural areas and discover startup friendly villages

If you are a growth stage startup you can join us in our monthly in our business acceleration demonstrations, 2-7 day acceleration experiences in villages in Spain and Bali and trips to Spanish villages every year.

pandorahub x-cultural acceleration Bali

7-day X-Cultural Business Acceleration Bali Vol. 2




MAR 26 - APR 1, 2018

Accelerate your Startup in Bali for 1 week

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Explore financial self-sufficient alternatives.
Use Pentagrowth and grow exponentially
Apply Lean Startup and find the market fit
Validate your MVP before the launch
Prepare the Go to Market  
Become a pitch beast


2-5-Day Custom Design Sprint For a Village





Test a new feature in days & match your core business with a Village 



  • 1 Village proposes 1 specific area of business opportunity
  • 2,5 / 5 day Design Sprint will be run and tailored to a business opportunity in the village
  • 3-5 teams (5 people x team) of top level startups on industries according to the opportunity
  • 3 Google Design Sprints Certified facilitators

Grow your business up to +400% 

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7-Day X-Cultural Startup Acceleration Bali Vol. 1 JUN 27 - JUL 2, 2016

A 7-day X-Cultural intensive and location-immersive acceleration experience gathering 20 international founders of growth-stage startups

Run your own Design Sprint Demo / Wakeboard / Afterwork

 JUN 26, 2017

Minimize Cash Burn

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A 4h demo on the so called Google Labs Design Sprint method gathering 5 startup startup teams facing pivoting in wake park in a village on the beach near Barcelona

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Pentagrowth Demo - Prepare your business for exponential growth

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+30 growth stage startup founders joined a 2h free demo session on Pentagrowth first hand by his author Javier Creus

((((foto y Boton pequeño "how was it" al facebook event)

aquí https://www.facebook.com/events/1059937327462672

Business Authenticity Demo 4 Teams with Lego Serious Play!

Cloud Coworking and Pandorahub gathered 5 startup teams for a 4h demo Workshop on re(discovering) their Business Authenticity as an individual, as a team and as an organization using Lego Serious Play

((((foto y Boton pequeño "how was it" va a la galería https://goo.gl/photos/oWq5C2cpVT6hh4tj7 )))

Feminine Businesses, Conscious Economy & Free Coworking Demo Day



Geek Girl Meetup Barcelona, Cloud Coworking and Pandorahub gathered +20 startups and 8 speakers exploring how to grow a conscious business without perverting its essence



2,5-Day Cathar Weekend Acceleration


JAN 8 - 10, 2016


Grow your startup from its inner force in an abandoned Village

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+25 startup founders gathered in an old Cathar abandoned Village in the Catalan Pyrenees

5-Day Startup Acceleration Pilot Experience 

Summer 2015

Business Growth, Transformation, Catharsis & Fun

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8 passion-driven startup founders and 8 startup mentors gathered in the stunning river side of Ebro

Rural Coliving Summer Safari



Summer 2016

A road trip to Startup-Friendly Villages and rural settlements to Southern Spain

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18 nomad startup founders touring during +20 days from Barcelona to Spain Villages