What is this about? 

We want to revolutionise the way startups boost their businesses

We believe a more human way of growing as a business is possible 

Based on people vs profit

Long term benefits vs short term exits

Real value vs mere volume

And we are not alone


Because a symphony can’t be played without an full orchestra, we want to share with you our main initiative so you can take it as if it was yours.
pandorahub fun startup solanell

We are building an international network of like-minded people, initiatives & places. 

Professionals, mentors, consultants, startups and life-hackers willing to put more meaning, fun and nature to our lives. 

A network which you are welcome to join





Key facts on what we do for startups

Our main focus now is designing & organising People-Centric Business Acceleration Experiences for purpose-driven startup founders. The goal of the experiences is giving startups direct application tools so they can thrive and grow more self-sufficiently

+ 30 

Startups participating from 8 different nationalities

Our mentor's goal is inspiring startups to bring their businesses to the next level as expressed by the participants themselves 


Startup acceleration programs

The first one in summer 2015, another one on January. Our upcoming X-Cultural Acceleration in Bali (Mar 26-April 1, 2018)



Mentors involved

We count on a broad range of startup mentors with +10 yeas of experience on Pentagrowth, Lean Startup, Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Growth Hacking, Soft Skills, Communication Skills, etc. 


Mind-blowing rural locations

Our programs are held in mind-blowing natural locations so that participants can literally think out of the box. By screening startups for our programs, we are also a building an international community of founders who are invited to co-live for a while in curated Spanish villages

The cause

There are 3.200 abandoned villages in Spain and 7.600 losing inhabitants every year


Pandorahub helps this local communities to keep current inhabitants and attract newcomers

Our rural revival model is based on providing value for startups, digital nomads and makers in this rural areas

This is why most of our People-Centric Business Acceleration Experiences happen in Spanish villages

We don't expect startups to stay in the village after our programs. It is starter for a mid-long term process of bringing back life into this rural spaces



How do our startup programs look like? 

They are 2, 5 or 8 days experiential micro consultancy processes with a sense of an intensive business development roadmap (Step 1 - day 1, step 2 - day 2, etc.)


PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup    1st Pilot experience  (Riba-roja d'Ebre, Sep 4-9, 2015)

5-day cathartic program gathered 8 startups and 8 mentors from 5 different nationalities

IMG_1283 (1).JPG

PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup  Cathar Weekend Part I (Solanell, Jan 8-10, 2016)

First time ever held in an abandoned village being restored gathering 30 startups, mentors and partners

pandorahub x-cultural acceleration bali


The first time in Solanell was so epic that 8 startups will repeat the experience with less topics and more depth

Nailing it a bit more...

  • Each participant startup applies to its own business a bunch methodologies for different phases (or iterations) in the business development process (analysis, design - prototyping, implementation - launch, growth, etc.)
  • 90% + 10% theory practice
  • 1 to 2 workshops each day (6-8 hours per day)
  • On Lean Startup, Pentagrowth, Design Thinking, User Experience, crowdfunding, Go to market, etc.
  • Or Soft skills (such as leadership, vital purpose, failure management, management of uncertainty and conflict etc.)
  • Including one-o-one mentorship during and after the camp
  • With highly experienced mentors (from 8 to 15 years of experience in their field)
  • Happening mainly in rural villages
  • As far as possible, the workshops take place in outer spaces, enhancing direct contact with nature when making the heads work 
  • Leisure activities, adventure sports, meditation and yoga are embedded in between the courses




What do we propose to our partners?

Pandorahub is building a network of international partners in the startup scene such as mentors, accelerators, investors, etc. As a starter, this is what we offer to our partners (more stuff coming soon)


sharing the cake

Sharing is caring

You or your organization gets a 20% on each startup participant that comes from your side (taking as baseline the not discounted fee from a given program). This means that you get 90€ per each participant an upcoming startup program


Come for free

You also get a 25% discount on your own participation in the courses of a given program (based on the non discounted fee for camp) for each referred participant. This means you could take part in the courses for free if you get 4 participants. You would need to purchase your flights, transportation, accommodation and meals


Sponsor a startup

You can give away 1 free participation in the camp to your startup network by means of a contest or a poll, you can sponsor just the course or also trip expenses, meals & accommodation. We can help you designing the contest if needed

invita a tus amigos

Make the most out of it

There is a maximum number of participants (10) that we can accept out from our international partners. So that the partner that get more participants sooner, the more benefits he/she will get

Why Joining Us?

Becoming a partner doesn't mean nothing official or committed. You can help us spread the word while doing your own thing. And you will have another great story to explain that will hopefully provide you with extra experiences, connections and income.

startup portfolio

Upgrade your startup portfolio

Our programs are aimed at turning startups into sustainable businesses. You will also be able to bring something fresh, different, valuable and for a good cause to your startup network

unexpected rural locations

Discover unexpected locations

You will discover a network of stunning rural areas. Starting by Spain. Later, worldwide

grow startup network

Grow your startup network

You will have access to promising startups from other networks and will be able to make meaningful connections in the international startup scene 

create a positive impact

Create a positive impact

You will take part in the rural revival revolution starting in Spain, infusing a social and sustainable perspective to your business activity



Where to start from? 

Easy. Here goes a bunch of ideas

Idea 1.

Co-organizing and co-organize Meetup with Pandorahub on some of our program disruptive business methods and topics that can be simultaneously held in your country and Barcelona. 

Idea 2.

Start spreading the world about our upcoming X-Cultural Acceleration program in Bali (March 26-April 1, 2018) by email, Twitter, Facebook... Get a glimpse on how was the first one.

Idea 3.

If you are up for sponsoring a startup to our upcoming acceleration program in Bali, we can support you to create a contest and give away a free spot for the upcoming X-Cultural Acceleration program in Bali (March 26 - April 1, 2018). Sponsoring a startup for 2.500€ includes travel expenses for the startup (flights, taxis, etc.) + 1 person in tour team taking part in the program for free. 

Idea 4.

Schedule a 30 minutes meeting if you want to clarify details or come up with new ideas



Other cool things we can come up with together over time


  • Co-creating and co-branding tailor-made acceleration experiences for your startup network (wether in your country, Spain or Bali).


  • Co-creating and co-branding tailor-made acceleration experiences for Pandorahub’s startup network (wether in your country or Spain).


  • Co-facilitating some of the workshops as a mentor (send me a brief description of what you can do)


  • Embedding your methods, programs or mentors in our acceleration experiences


More ideas? Write us a line

Some partners in our startup network


menorca millennials
logo pollen

 What kind of startups are welcomed?

Our programs are addressed to founders, co-founders or CTO's of businesses operating in any sector (profit or non profit), moved by the will of changing an industry's game rules, making a positive impact or creating a new sector. We screen the participants inspiring in B-Corp certification principles  for empowering corporations for benefit and not just for profit. More specifically

pandrohub purpose driven startups


Moved by a mission, a cause and/or clear set of values

pandorahub people centric statups

People Centric

Business that put people first and are eager to provide real value to teams, customers and communities where they operate

pandorahub enviornmental friendly startups

Environmental Friendly (non mandatory) 

Aware and concerned about their environmental impact and are willing to minimize it (or being more regenerative towards it)

Business Stages tackled on the next program

From 1 max to 5 years operating startups. Minimum 1 year with minimum an MVP already launched. Specifically:

startup releasing a new product

Releasing a Product (Launch)

You are about to launch a new product, service or a new business model

new startup first release

New Startup (Launch)

You have the first Minimum Viable Product and you are about to launch it

operating startup growth

Running a Startup (Growth)

You want to enter a new market segment, industry or country