What Pandorahub is

Pandorahub is a network of people, places and projects. Local heroes, activists, rural coworking and coliving spaces, startups, facilitators and business hackers. We have proven that working and living close to nature in rural areas help us achieve a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.


We are on a mission of restoring and reviving our rural areas by empowering community living, remote work, people and business growth, multiculturality, intergenerationallity, rural coworking and coliving, conscious entrepreneurship, career shifting, self-employment and alternative learning paths.


What we do

We do so by mapping ecosystems of Innovation and entrepreneurship in villages and rural areas for a better understanding of the local needs, and (re)activate them by rural coliving and coworking residencies, business acceleration and incubation experiences.


Main indicators after its 3 years of existence:

+50 local hosts (public and private collaborating actors in villages & rural areas)

+100 local and newcomer social innovators & entrepreneurs involved

+20 top level facilitators and trainers

7 rural coliving/coworking residencies and business acceleration experiences

5 rural coliving tours around Spain and Catalonia


Why now

Abandonment of rural areas and villages is a global phenomenon. In Spain alone, there are nearly one million empty rural houses in villages. At the same time cities become overcrowded, leaving us with an impoverished quality of life and work. Luckily, the rise of entrepreneurial villages and rural coworking spaces is becoming global as well. A number of interesting people, professionals and entrepreneurs are already leaving cities and moving to villages. They are relocating their businesses, funding there new projects based on the local economy, launching coworking spaces that gather other young professionals, mixing technology and tradition to revitalize their rural home villages. As Pandorahub we (re)connect people with the rural areas. We do so by supporting local governments and local communities to become entrepreneurial villages, running rural coliving and coworking residencies, business acceleration and incubation experiences and unlocking a network of empty rural houses.


We are envisioning a network of villages within where “gLocal” activists will be able to roam around, living in under-used and abandoned rural houses, enabling the mobility of people widely ranging different nationalities, cultures, generations, and life experiences.


Do you want to join this paradigm shift?


What do people say 


PANDORAHUB is addressed to Rural Shakers. A community of startups, individuals and professionals, entrepreneurs and families willing to bring more rural life in our lifestyles. We are eager to apply our human-centred, lean and happiness philosophies and skills to revive rural areas. We are purpose-driven entrepreneurs, life and career shifters enabling ourselves to escape from the unsustainable pace and demands of city life to something slower and more meaningful.



I grew up in a small village in the UK and I really appreciate village life. I struggle with the idea of combining the modern way of digital life with something that is richer. I also struggle with the idea of businesses that only exist to make money. I want to try and fine some way of combining all of those things plus fun. I think we have to rebuild the airplane while we are flying. 




¿What do Rural Shakers think about PANDORAHUB?

françois justet pandorahub

françois justet, Co-founder at Slowmov

At the end I understood Diana when she said “you can take it as a prior investment of time and budget for saving time and money in the near future”. Now I can tell, it is not that I don’t regret participating at all, but that if I wouldn’t have signed up for PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup, I would have taken a wrong decision!

Ian collingwood pandorahub


Since the moment I've heard about it I really liked the idea. When I first came to Spain I found this idea of abandoned villages to be intriguing. My hope is that step by step, I can build a life that is a little bit more real and I hope that PANDORAHUB is going to be a part of that

guillem orpinell pandorahub

Guillem orpinell, founder at mirmiki

Today, tomorrow and the rest of the week I have a full schedule of meetings and tasks that fascinate me. And as far as I know about my camp colleagues, those with whom I shared a few days and many hours, they also have their return back to work full of opportunities and poor in problems after PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup.

aya sadder pandorahub

Aya Sadder, startup mentor at sustainability platform and impact hub dubai

The secret to going through such a bootcamp like this one is that you need to come in with a very good idea of what you want to hack. Being an entrepreneur, or someone working in a start-up, the mentors will give you the advantage to dissect your business, lay it out flat and come up with tons of ways to figure out what you want to do at present and for near the future.

Astrid Baldissera pandorahub

Astrid Baldissera, founder at starting legal

I realised that thinking about money sometimes makes you lose focus. You need to focus on the project instead, put your soul and create value. Unknowingly, this would help me to take an important decision on a partnership proposal after finishing the camp.

josep maria piñol pandorahub


Thank to PANDORAHUB, we have started a local action group in Riba-roja,  bringing together proactive locals who share an innovative orientation towards the future. People who are eager to excel a positive transformation in our village. PANDORAHUB is now helping us with the design, facilitation and ignition of periodical community involvement participatory workshops. The action group goal is aimed at creating pilot initiatives amongst strategic topics to be launched beginning of next year. 

ana castellví pandorahub

ana castellví, entrepreneur and community builder in riba-roja 

The mixture of being both a participant and a part of the team during the summer pilot experience,  helped me to take the first steps towards my new life as an entrepreneur. I started with small actions that are now creating a huge impact on my new lifestyle as a rural entrepreneurPANDORAHUB has united people from around the world in a village that is literally starting to revive

"Systems only function successfully when they are made up of good people. And PANDORAHUB happens to be a system of such a kind."