Why here and now

We want to turn the tide, reverse the village-to—city movement. We have reasons to believe that now is the time to do this and we can do this. We’re going to create change.

– 1  –

more than 3.000 abandoned villages 

mapa pueblos abandonados españa

Now we have a great opportunity. In Spain there are about 3,000 uninhabited villages. Many are for sale and are being bought by foreign jet setters. These are places with charm and magic that stopped attracting people because nothing was happening there. It’s thepeople’s decision to go to the city to thrive. Now the city has stopped being a place full of opportunities. It is time to redistribute the wealth and the / to spread the exchange of value throughout our territory, to reclaim our heritage restoring life, economic activity and opportunities to these unique places.


– 2  –

our work is changing

cambio forma trabajar 2.jpeg

We are not happy with standard employment. We want to change how we look at our professions, habits and work places. We are sure that there are other means of professional growth. We know that there is a way to integrate our personal and working life. Thanks to new technologies, we can finally work from wherever we want. At last we have the tools and resources to shape our careers to our liking. PANDORAHUB will provide you with tools and the content in order for you to be able to turn your passion into a business model. 


– 3–


This is difficult to do in the city. Eat well, do sport, look after yourself both inside and out. Healthy living has become a luxury. ‘Good’ things are expensive. What costs less is bad for you. The well being industry has transformed the basics for a healthy active life, into a commodity in the cities. Natural living provides everything you need for a good life right under your nose. PANDORAHUB wants to bring the simplicity and the good habits of life into the playing field with the latest trends in growing food, health and physical well being. Practices such as organic farming and biodynamic agriculture. Adventure sports, scheduling of both individual and group activities, courses for self development like yoga, meditation, dance...

¿Missing a reason for abandoning your city? 

Share them with us and we will share them with the world. 

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WORK LESS AND ACHIEVE MORE surrounded by nature

co-working rural nómada digital

Being off the grid, surrounding yourself by calm and positive inputs is a great way for finding concentration, boosting your thinking, generating flow states and inspiration. We can now communicate and work from places that allow these states. It is time to choose where we prefer to work, it is the era of the "digital nomad".  People who are self-employed or manage their own business from remote locations, who mix business with pleasure and move across the world in search of inspiration and collaboration with other like minded professionals. We want to convert our villages in international settlements for the digital nomad. 


– 5 –

WE ARE READY TO startup our businesses for a better living

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Fifty per cent of young people are unemployed. People who are talented and prepared to work, but don’t fit the bill. Many have already started to reinvent themselves so as not to rely on anyone else. For them - and for others not so young - the only alternative to unemployment is to get out of there. PANDORAHUB wants to support people with the urge to take action, but this is not the only one. We want to create a network of villages where you can come and go taking steps to learn and move forward. We want to build this country from the villages, from the roots.


– 6–


exodo deshaucios.jpg

It’s hard to believe but it’s true. We are evicting more people, playing down opportunities and poverty in our cities. Each week entire families become homeless because they have lost their jobs and hope. We want to give a new form of life to these families, an opportunity for a fresh start, a decent job, a home, quality of life and an unbeatable environment. We want to build a way of life with dignity for all of our villages.

¿Do you want to know the origin, the values, the rationale and essence of PANDORAHUB?

Read our manifesto and endorses his words to give more strength to the movement.