People-Centric Acceleration resources

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People-Centric Acceleration resources


We gather Growth and Pre-Growth Stage Startups in acceleration experiences with that are a great alternative or complementary growth resources to the private investment. We do so often in acceleration experiences in nature


What can you expect out from those resources?

  • Short-term business results (in 6 months you can expect up to 400% growth), getting in few days enough understanding to get your business to the next level in the following months
  • Gaining focus, high performance, thinking out of the box, mental clarity, reset the management style and how to understand the business
  • Business opportunities - business synergies - strategic partners - connecting with affiliated investors - experiential networking with high added value
  • Local immersion, adventure, discovery, fun. It uses the "left brain" to radically evolve as businesses and as individuals.
  • And of course, we do not take equity.

Why in towns? Because nature makes us smarter and because we want to give life back to our people by combining the best of entrepreneurship and business with the good of our past.


Specifically what for which sort of startups?


Already monetizing and might be doing pretty well (near or reach break event) willing to accelerate their organic growth



Startups that have been recently invested in need to deliver short-term results and being extremelyy efficient on managing their resources



Experienced startup founders and serial entrepreneurs willing to avoid (other) failure experiences  



Consolidated startups managing their teams remotely willing to (re)discover nomad friendly villages and rural areas were to work & life from 


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