People Centric-Acceleration Resources

At Pandorahub we believe and put into practice that a more human way of growing your business is possible. Here's how we make it possible for a growing number of organizations.

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Design Sprints


Minimize cash burn and build killer features customers will pay for 



 Erase 99% waste in your product development cycles. Skip build and launch, jump from ideation to prototyping testing with real users. Ensure till x4 growth after new feature launch

> As seen on Ouishare Fest Barcelona 2017

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Dragon Dreaming

Grow your team keeping your Why

Addressed to growing teams who need to conciliate the doer with the dreamer vision 

How to grow your startup keeping your team motivated and aligned with the Why of your organisation? How to avoid burnout, increase team commitment and enthusiasm when the road gets rough? How to match fresh ideas from new team members (Dreamers) with the efficiency approach of your current team (Doers)?

> As seen on Barcelona Activa Incubator July 2017



Prepare your business
for an exponential growth

Pentagrowth is a report on the 50 fastest growing companies of all times

The workshop is addressed to identify the key internal assets and the ecosystem opportunities that will make your business grow exponentially

As seen on Menorca Millennials Deceleration 2017


 Lean Growth Hacking

Customer acquisition and
customer retention

Growth Hacking applied both to customer acquisition and customer retention

Based on the motto of getting maximum results involving the minimum effort, this workshop is taken the people centric approach and providing practicals tools for acquiring while keeping customers


Align your core business activity with your people's purpose

businesses & teams willing to life better while achieving more

The team will identify passions, strengths, conditions and values in order to infuse them into the business routines.
The company’s purpose & culture will be refined and realigned with each team member’s

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Conscious Creative Economy

Business model and conceptual exploration transcending the old extractive economy while

generating value from synergistic win-win relationships.

A powerful exercise for becoming conscious of the material and immaterial business, understanding how to tap into the hidden value of transactions and establishing radically new monetising strategies


Selling is breathing

Listening and connecting


Huston, we have a problem:

How to deal with conflict?

Addressed to enhance one-o-one interaction for sales speech and or elevator pitch

By means of fun and practical exercises, participants discover how breathing when speaking is the real link between people


Addressed to acquire skills to overcome adversity and difficulties.

Startups are made for failing before being successful. This is a business resiliency and restoration workshop. Learning how to deal with frustration, uncertainty, risk and conflict. Getting used to identify opportunities where most just see challenges




Team Towers:

Build Trust upon your team building a Human Tower

Addressed to create the sense of a team

Taken from a Catalan tradition, participants would learn how to organize themselves and build a human tower. 
Great physical starter for the experience