The Spring Rural Coliving Safari is over

Pandorahub presented its first Rural Coliving Safari on Spring.  It was an opportunity to get to know stunning rural locations during a 5-weeks coliving tourOn the way you will be able to join courses, festivals and events on coliving, coworking and good life in nature.


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What was the Spring Rural Coliving about?


+30 startups, makers and digital nomads


4 weeks



2 rural locations



4 festivals, courses and events

The program


Here goes the detailed plan for our first 5-weekend rural madness. You could simply coliving in our partner accommodations for 2, 4, 8 or 15 days or also participate in the events, festivals and courses that will take place during the Safari.


solanell reconstrucción.JPG

Stage 1 - Coliving in an Abandoned Village with Startups  

Solanell (April 15-17)


PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup - Cathar Weekend Part II  is the 3rd startup acceleration program ofr Pandorahub. Last time we gathered 30 startups in the abandoned village Solanell. 8 will repeat the experience, this time with more intensity. We have brought together impact-driven startups on the pre-launch of a new product or first MVP. A weekend to bring your knowledge of Lean Startup to the next level and become a pitch ninja. Yes! You are still some on time to apply left :D!

More about the program


The sun always shines on Solanell. All day long, the whole year round. The last inhabitant of Solanell abandoned the village in 1972. Did you ever slept in an abandoned village before?

Stage 2 - Catch up on the good life

Can Valldaura (April 29-30)


Le Cool Festival, a path to a better life organized by Le Cool Magazine in partnership with Pandorahub and other good life movers and rural shakers

More about the festival


Can Valldaura is hosting Valldarura Labs, a project promoted by IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia) for the creation of a self-sufficient habitat research centre. Located in the Collserola Natural Park, in the heart of the metropolitan area of Barcelona


career rebuilding solanell

Stage 3 - Rebuild your career while rebuilding an abandoned village

 Solanell (May 6-8)


A Career Rebuilding Course (held in Spanish), the 3rd one organized by Pandorahub and the 2nd one held in the abandoned village of Solanell

More about the course


We will come back to Solanell, the ideal location for literally starting to rebuild your professional career while volunteering in the rebuilding works. 

Stage 4 - Rural Coliving and Coworking next to Barcelona

Can Valldaura (May 19-20)


Coworking Spain Conference, the yearly gathering of coworkers, space managers and coworking friends in Spain.

More about the conference


We will come back to Valldaura, our partner rural location nearest from Barcelona where Coworking Spain Conference will take place this year.



Why Joining the Rural Coliving Safari?


Get access to a selection of rural areas and villages, chosen for their beauty, authenticity and pioneering in rural revitalization



Take part in life-changing festivals, courses and events held in rural areas. Let nature inspire you and become smarter than ever


Get plugged into a global community of 1,000+ startups, makers and digital nomads



Uncover some of the most well-guarded secrets of Spanish history in each of the locations

How does it work?

1. Join

Choose some a Rural Coliving Safari from 20€/day or become a member fro 98€ year and get discounts in a growing netowork of rural coliving and coworking spaces


escoge lugar

2. Choose stage

Once you've signed up,  get in touch with diana[at]pandorahub[dot]co and she will suggest you the locations and stages that best suit your preferences.

invita a tus amigos

3. Fill up the village

In some houses you can stay alone, but others will need a minimum number of people to make it available. You can invite your friends, or get in touch with us, so that we can help you fill the place with other people like you.


What do you get? 

pandorahub tarifa plana rural

Sure thing! Here goes...

  • Not just one, but many rural sanctuaries, to get disconnected (or to reconnect)

  • Access to a growing network of houses in villages with charm and history 

  • Joining a tribe of impact-driven startups, digital nomads and makers 

  • A local host that would show you the secrets of this rural locations

  • Discounts of up to 15% in some chosen village houses

  • Discounts of to 10% on Pandorahub programs during the Safari 

  • The chance to live in villages where things are already happening. There, you will meet entrepreneurs, young professionals, and lots of fascinating people

  • Discovering a new, healthier, less stressful life closer to nature

Who's already tried this?


Thomas Dönnebrink

Ouishare Connector Germany (Berlin)

I spontaneously I joined a group to spend few days in a Spanish village. Interesting people, makers, change makers, entrepreneurs, multilinguals for various backgrounds came together in a comfortable rebuilt house in a pastoral village in a corageous landscape. What a peaceful and quiet and at the same time inspiring and relaxing environment. The village has also an interesting history to it and ambitious and highly motivated coop that are transforming the once abandoned village into a cool place to be. The perfect setting to have long walks, calm down, have fascinating conversations and inspiring thoughts and just relaxe. I will repeat the experience for sure. It was special. 


Mireia Rivero

 Mobile Marketing Social Point (Barcelona)

When I found out about Pandorahub rural programs, something deep down resonated and awoke my curiosity to experience it. I couldn't resist the idea of spending some days in a very special village in Solanell enjoying the beauty of the nature and the company of whole hearted people with inspiring conversations, stimulating meals and walks in the forest, under the stars...  A great combination of wild nature shared with a bunch of open minded people eager to explore ways to spark their personal paths and projects. That was what first brought me to Solanell when I first joined the Cathar program for start-ups. It was a unique out of the box experience with empowering workshops, an international community of really interesting people of different backgrounds and a lot of fun. If this alo resonates you, don't hesitate


Astrid Baldissera

CEO y fundadora de at Starting Legal (Venezuela)

I needed to combine work and rest and this weekend in Solanell fulfilled all expectations. The town of Solanell transmits an unexplainable tranquility, surrounded by nature and stories of Cathars is the perfect place to unwind. In addition I was accompanied by makers, foreign and domestic entrepreneurs, and the members of the cooperative whose mission is to revive the village Solanell, sharing stories, walks in the middle of the mountain, games, and discussing ways to improve and impact positively the society. And if that was not enough, we stayed at an amazing house made by the owner, excellent to relax after a day's work and hiking in the mountains, two bedrooms and two bathrooms were we got comfortable accommodation for 6 people

A few of the startups in our Tribe:


 Who is this for?

Nothing is born mainstream. We're starting small, and bit by bit we'll expand to everybody. Now we are doing this specially for...



Have you founded (or started building) a disruptive business model with a big vision for growth?

maker pandorahub


Do you make things with your hands, with tools or electronics, invent objects, or physical solutions to solve problems?


operatin startup growth

Digital Nomad

Are you a location independent professional with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world (where there's wifi)?

Our Partners

We're building a network of organisations, NGOs and property expert to continue expanding our rural coliving platform.


Are you ready?

rural coliving safari package

Perfect! We've already set the Safari, found the locations and rallied the tribe. So you just need to choose the package.

One thing we can tell your for sure, this experience won't let you indifferent.