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First pilot experience of rural revival for all

August 17-27 Riba-roja d'Ebre


PANDORAHUB rural revival starts making things happen in our villages. The first pilot experience happened last summer in the village of Riba-roja d'Ebre. The pilot experience involved a rural revival program for all (august 17-27) and the startup camp PANDORAHUB FUN! Startup (September 4-9).


First pilot experience figures


50 participants from 12 locations and 4 different countries


10 topics as self-building, permaculture, career-shifting, design thinking, lean startup, repopulation amongst others


12 different locations in nature and in Riba-roja d'Ebre facilities


15 mentors16 courses y 85 training hours

An image is much worth than a thousand words

<Got to the rural revival program for startups


Self-building and biohabitability

(Daniel Molina at Autoconstructor and Carme Espinosa at Espinosa Arquitectos)

Permaculture, biodynamic agriculture and agroecology

(Eduard Díaz from Joy Orchards)


(Nicola Moss and Diana Moret from PANDORAHUB)

Rural revival and repopulation

(Saül Garreta from Reviure Solanell, Jorge Abril from Maestrazgo and Alberto Pormdomingo from Sponsor an Olive Tree)

Rivers, dams and wild nature

Leadership and entrepreneurship

(David Cortés from Impact Hub Barcelona and Cooperfield for Social Good and Eugeni Castejón from Ecoemprenedors)

Phsycotheater for children

(Marisa Layunta from Àngels Garriga School)

Yoga and meditation

(Elena from Ioga Sol i Llum)

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