Startup Friendly Villages

we collaborate with a growing ecosystem of villages that are ready for hosting startups 

This is our selection of stunning rural settlements counting with good wifi network, rural coworking & coliving spaces, rural startup incubators and accelerators already. Singular villages and rural areas managed by like-minded governments and local initiatives that share our entrepreneurial vision and are already inhabited by startups and entrepreneurs.

Costa Brava


Startup Friendly Village Costa Brava

#STARTUPS #Iot #Smartcity


Has Rural Coworking Spaces and Startup Incubators. They are relocating startups from cities to Costa Brava villages. Interesting for startups operating in industries:

  • IoT
  • Smart City

Alt Urgell

Startup Friendly Village Alt Urgell 



An abandoned village being rebuilt & Repopulated by a Cooperative
Based on a co-housing model. Interesting for startups operating in industries:

  • Circular Economy
  • Water Technologies
  • Alternative Energies
  • Governance

Marina Alta

Startup Friendly Village Marina Alta



Has a Coworking Space, a Digital Agency & Startup Incubator Attracting top talent to the village. Interesting for startups operating in industries:

  • Agroalimentary
  • Food Engineering